Modular and Manufactured Homes

Homes sold by us come in either what is termed a modular home or a manufactured home. Modular homes are built to the same standards as the New York State building code. Manufactured homes are built to Federal HUD (Housing and Urban Development) standards. One major difference between the two is that manufactured homes have a steel frame and sit on a concrete pad with insulated skirting between the pad and home, so they can be legally transported from one location to another more than once, where a modular home is placed on a foundation and once installed is no longer movable.

Regardless of which path you choose, the cost of construction of a modular home is well below what is termed a "stick built" or frame construction. Typical onsite construction costs start around $185 per square foot for a building on a crawl space foundation, not including any site preparation, and can go as high as $350 per square foot in upstate New York on a full basement with complete site work and landscaping. This means that a 2000 square foot home placed on a typical one acre lot can cost between $370,000 and $700,000. Dave's Quality Home can quote you a price that significantly beats stick built or frame-up construction costs.

Manufactured Home
A well appointed single or double unit manufactured home that has 1140 square feet can be purchased for as low as $100,000, or $88 a square foot delivered and installed. You can customize the floor plans on all of our homes and all homes come turn key and primed for you to paint whatever color you desire. All you have to do is get a pad installed and provide connections for water, sewer, electric and fuel, generally costing an additional $30,000 for a manufactured home set up. You can also rent a lot at an established manufactured home park, and avoid having to pay for any site work. The manufactured home park will usually provide the pad, the hookups, and the driveway for you. The pictures below take you through the different stages of a manufactured home installation. We have three parks that we work with that have available lots ready to rent

We also have many customers that want to upgrade their existing manufactured home. We will gladly have your used manufactured home appraised and provide you with a trade in value so you can upgrade, downsize, or make a lateral change.

There are numerous advantages to plant built homes. Whether you choose a Modular or Manufactured home, there are various benefits and options:

  • Different roof pitches
  • Taller or cathedral ceilings
  • Extra Wide Handicap access doors
  • Upgrade to drywall (Manufactured)
  • Extra Windows
  • Unlimited Floor Plans
  • Variety of Exterior and Interior Trims
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Upgrade to Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Real Wood Slow Close Cabinets
  • Add as many additional light fixtures
  • Upgrade to Ceiling Fans
  • Install Phone and Cable Jacks
  • Walk in Showers
  • Jetted Tubs
  • Additional or Larger Closets
  • 42 Inch wide hallways
  • Architectural Shingles and Shutters
  • Variety of knob and handle options
  • Rain and body showers
  • Kitchen and Bathroom backsplashes
  • Radon Vent Prep
  • Kitchen Islands and Pantries
  • Kitchen Chef Sinks
  • Barn Style Doors
  • Extra Exterior Lighting/Receptacles
  • Built in Entertainment Centers
  • Mudroom Cabinetry

The above are just a fraction of the different options available. You can even order a two story modular with an unfinished second floor that you can finish later when the budget allows. If you are in a rush to get your home now, we even carry a large inventory of modular and manufactured homes on our sales lot in chittenango. Click here to see our available inventory.